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Official Announcement

Some of you already know, the rest are about to know. There is a reason I haven’t been posting a lot lately. I’m pregnant! The baby is due is April. We are so excited and happy and freaked out and thrilled. Apparently pregnancy turns you into a cat as all I want to do now is eat and sleep which cuts into the knitting time. 🙂 (I have been knitting a little lately…I promise promise promise to post soon about actual knitting. Promise!)

And, by popular request, here are some more puppy pictures of Wrigley. He’s about 11 weeks old in the photos.


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At last Wrigley, our new tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi, is home with us. He is absolutely the cutest thing and we love him so much already. The cats are doing alright with the new housemate and we expect peace soon. From the comments I received on my last post it is clear you all would like to see some puppy pictures. Please keep in mind that puppies do not sit as still for the camera as yarn. 🙂 Well, here you go! (Knitting update Monday…Really…)

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