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Interlocking Balloons

Pattern: Interlocking Balloons from Scarf Style
Yarn: Knit Picks Merino Style in Dusk – almost exactly 5 skeins (approx. 600 yards)
Needles: Size 5 (Denise Set)
Start Date: December 4, 2006
End Date: December 12, 2006
Comments: I had been looking at this pattern for a long time. I always thought it would make a gorgeous scarf, but the chart made my head hurt just looking at it. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good chart, but for some reason, this one, with all the little dots, caused me a bit of anxiety. So, with my trusty chart keeper and highlighter tape I began and before I knew it I made it I was through the first repeat.

The Knit Picks Merino Style was perfect for this pattern, allowing for stitch definition, but incredible soft squishiness too. While this isn’t a quick knit by any stretch of the imagination, it was a fun knit and I’ll be happy to knit another one for myself. (This one is a gift for an undisclosed recipient).

I wasn’t able to make it to the end of the the 10th repeat as I started running out of yarn, so I did a total of 9 repeats and 12 rows into the next. The scarf is 9 inches wide (as the pattern predicted), but 72 inches long! Perfect for the tall recipient! The scarf as written was supposed to be 62 inches so I was excited to get such length out the yarn even though I didn’t finish the last repeat. I guess my row gauge was totally different (I rarely check that when knitting a scarf).

That leads us to the final gift knitting project of the season – a pair of socks (I totally bailed on knitting a stocking for my nephew. I’ve promised to do it for his birthday in April or, at the latest, next Christmas. He’s 20 months old. I don’t think he’ll even notice.). These socks will be knit in Socks that Rock Philosopher’s Stone (lightweight) using the Garter Rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. They are another top secret project with an undisclosed recipient (Well, I actually asked the undisclosed recipient if he liked the color just to be sure, so it’s not a total surprise, but I’m keeping it quiet anyway – shhh!).

***Knitting Group is tonight (Wednesday) at the Borders’ Cafe in Wilmette (corner of Lake & Skokie). We meet from 6:30 until 8:00 and any yarn enthusiast is welcome!***


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I am a really strong advocate for a five day weekend and a two day work week. This weekend just flew by! I was able to put in some serious time with the Interlocking Balloons scarf (from the Scarf Style book) and I am very happy with its progress. I knit part of Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and as much as I could on Sunday. I have now completed 7 of the 10 repeats. The end is near!

The Knit Picks Merino Style is such a pleasure to knit. It feels so soft and has a great sponginess when it’s knit up. I have more of this yarn in a different color set aside in my stash to knit an Interlocking Balloons of my very own (who knows when that will happen though…). I will warn you that the chart for this scarf can make you go cross-eyed. If I didn’t have my chart keeper and my highlighter tape I would be hopelessly lost. Those are two very valuable tools that I highly recommend. Some bloggers reported the pattern becoming more intuitive as they went along. Well, not for me. I mean, in some parts yes, but overall I need to refer to the chart continually.

I’m finally working on the Yarntini Pure Fall Toe-up socks again. I kind of have been avoiding them since I new I’d be in trouble once I finished the foot. You see, I had plans to use the directions for the toe-up with heel flap construction in the Sensational Knitted Socks book, but when I read ahead it said to knit the foot until a certain length based on measurements that you can look up in the front of the book. I turned to the pages the pattern indicated and there was no chart! Well, I was a bit bummed and I’ve been poking about the internet looking for alternative ways to do a reverse heel flap when I came across another blogger who got hung up in the exact same way. She ended up finding the Generic Pattern for the “You’re Putting Me On” Socks which is toe-up with a reverse heel flap! Hooray! So that’s what I’ve just started. I’ll let you know how it goes.

This weekend I also received my second mailing from the Sweet Sheep Sock Club. This month’s yarn is Sweet Socks in the color The comforts of Home. Sweet Socks is the house brand of the store that is hosting this sock club. It’s a lovely mix of colors – perfect for this time of year. The yarn is very soft and reminds me a lot of the texture of Sunshine Yarns. The content is 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon so it will make a nice pair of low maintenance socks. Man, I love getting surprise yarn in the mail!

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You know what? I love to knit. There’s no hiding the fact. I enjoy the process and the product. I think it’s so neat I can whip up a hat in one evening or knit a complicated scarf that will take days and days all with a couple sticks and some yarn. I can’t get enough of the textures and colors and the patterns.

Monday night I started another gift scarf. It’s the Interlocking Balloons pattern from Scarf Style. The yarn is KnitPicks Merino Style in Dusk and it is lovely and squishy. I’ve only done two of the 10 repeats, but it’s moving along pretty well now. It was slow going in the beginning as I had to adjust to the complicated looking chart, but it is getting easier and the result is so cool. I love the undulating lines of ribbing.

I’d read the yardage requirement may be a bit off in the pattern so I made sure I bought a couple extra skeins as the person this is for likes long scarves (who doesn’t?). So far, one skein got me 15 inches in and just over two repeats. I have 4 skeins left – Looking good! (It irks me to ask such a sexist question, but here goes, the color is ok for a guy, right? It’s an intense, but dark blue.)

So, last night after knitting the scarf for a little while I decided to make a hat to go with a scarf I started (but haven’t finished) last month. I haven’t blogged about the scarf since I only worked on it at a couple knitting group nights and then it got shoved off to the side. The yarn is from the ebay seller 100purewool and it feels like Malabrigo. It’s from Uruguay (as is Malabrigo) and comes in fantastic colors (like Malabrigo). It’s sold at a very very good price and knits up wonderfully so it’s a favorite of mine. 🙂

The scarf is just a sideways garter stitch. I kind of just cast on lots and lots (maybe around 240?) and started knitting in garter stitch. I put it on hold when I came to the end of the first of three balls since I wanted to be sure I had enough to make a hat and maybe mittens too.

The hat took nearly a whole ball – probably around 160 yards (each ball is 218 yards). I’m debating whether to go ahead and knit the mittens and risk having a narrow scarf or just tossing the mitten idea and finishing the scarf making it really wide. What do you all think? (I think I’m leaning towards mittens…)

Here are the details on the hat:
Pattern: Based on the hat pattern in Ann Budd’s Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns (I added a little more slope to the decreases at the crown)
Yarn: From Ebay Seller 100purewool
Needles: Size 6 (denise set) with a gauge of 5 stitches per inch

Date Knit: December 5, 2006

***Knitting Group is tonight (Wednesday) at the Borders’ Cafe in Wilmette (corner of Lake & Skokie). We meet from 6:30 until 8:00 and any yarn enthusiast is welcome!***

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