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September Baby Sweater (link to Ravelry)

Pattern: Baby Sweater on Two Needles (February) by Elizabeth Zimmerman

Yarn: Dream in Color Classy in Cool Fire

Needles: Size 6

Start: September 7, 2008

End: September 8, 2008

Comments: Another quick little baby knit. I was hopeful that one skein of Classy would be enough and it was! I ended up with just a small ball leftover. I decided to knit this sweater without the lace as the yarn has such a pretty variegation. This is my first time knitting with Classy and all the while I was a bit nervous about how rough it was. I didn’t swatch (I know – gasp!) for this sweater because it’s a baby sweater, I only had the one ball, and it was going to be as big as it was going to be. The downside to not swatching is not knowing how the yarn will behave once washed. I was relieved, upon laying out the sweater after a quick dunk in a wool wash bath, that it was incredibly soft and fuzzy. The yarn bloomed beautifully too.

The directions for this sweater were, in typical Zimmerman fashion, rather on the lean side. I got a bit confused about the casting on 7 then later knitting 7 around the arms, but I think I did it correctly. Basically, you cast on 7 on either side of the arm stitches (adding 14 stitches), then, when you are knitting the whole body again you pick up 7 stitches in each of the cast on sections (4×7). Confusing? Yes!

I like how this sweater fits Cori like a fashionable little swing coat. Tres chic!

I have now cast on for a pair of socks* for my Chicago Knitting Group’s informal summer of socks. I’m hoping to get these done before the end of the summer (Sept. 22), but since we’ll be traveling in the last few days leading up to then I really need to get these done by next Wednesday. Time to get off the computer and knit!

*Yarn: Sundara Sock Yarn in Lenten Rose, Pattern: Hedgerow by Jane Cochran


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Thank you for the sympathy on the theft. With the help of my friend, I was able to have a terrific weekend anyway. 🙂

To kick off the fun weekend, I got my June Petals Collection mailing. This kit is the start of the semi-solid series she will be doing. The flower is the blue grape hyacinth. I had a lot of trouble capturing the intensity of the yarn, but believe me, in person, it is another stunner from Sundara. The pattern looks really interesting. At first, I wasn’t that into it, but after looking at it again, I am really starting to like it.

No knitting was actually done this weekend as I was out and about with my visiting friend, so instead of more yarn pictures, here are some of my favorite photos I took at the Chicago Botanic Gardens on Saturday. Enjoy!


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As I draw closer to the completion of Thermal, which has occupied my time for weeks and weeks, I am busy planning my next projects. (That’s Thermal’s 2nd sleeve in progress to the right). I mentioned last time that I’m thinking of knitting Wicked in Cotton Ease. Well, I’m also looking at Rusted Root as well as the Summertime Tank from Interweave Knits online. I’ve ordered some Hemp For Knitting allhemp6 for the Tank.

Why am I ordering more yarn? I don’t need to be ordering any more yarn. We are moving in 2 1/2 months and I feel like my yarn stash will need it’s own truck! Therefore, until we move I’m not buying any more yarn. At all. Including sock yarn. I’m in 5(!) sock yarn clubs so that should keep me happy, right? My knitting group is planning a field trip to a yarn store in Wisconsin. I’m not going to buy anything when we go. Nope. I just don’t need anymore. I have so many fantastic projects planned that will use yarn that’s currently in the stash that I feel at peace with this decision. Also, with the impending homeownership, I need to save some money for house stuff like a washer and dryer, curtains, etc. Oh, and a puppy. 🙂

Speaking of sock clubs…I got my April Petals Collection kit yesterday and I’m ecstatic! The color is Dahlia and it is an absolutely stunning yarn (and very difficult to photograph). The pattern looks good, but it’s sized pretty small so I’ll have to tinker with it a bit if I end up using it. I may do a different pattern though, but for now I’m just going to leave this skein near my knitting area and pet it every day. I love this yarn!

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One the last day of the month, the February Petals Collection kit came and it’s outstanding. Just the right antidote to the stormy grey weather we’ve been having here. The flower this month is the Bird of Paradise and the pattern is a neat slipped stitch rib.

In Thermal news, I can’t bring myself to post another boring photo of it only one inch further along. Just believe me that I am knitting it…Hopefully more progress will have been made by Monday. Oooooh, and by Monday I should have the first 2007 Rockin’ Sock Club kit!

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The first of my Petals Collection Sock Club kits arrived! Well, it actually tried to be delivered on the 24th, but as we were out of town and with the numerous postal holidays it wasn’t until yesterday that I actually got the package. It was worth the wait.

Here’s a shot of the lovely wrapped kit. I waited until this morning to unwrap it since I was hoping for some sunlight, but that didn’t work out so well…

And here’s what was inside: A skein of gorgeous sock yarn in the color Lenten Rose, a picture of Lenten Roses (Christmas Rose or Hellebores to some of us), a pattern to use with the yarn, and a little welcome note. I am very happy with this kit. All my expectations were met. The subtle color shifts in the sock yarn are just lovely. And, purple just happens to me a favorite color of mine. 🙂 The sock pattern is very lacy so I’m not so sure I’ll be using it. I tend to like more solid patterns, but you never know. Maybe as I see other club members knit it I’ll be inspired.

In knitting news, I finished the first Lichen sock and I hope to cast on for the next one tonight. Those socks really knit up quickly!

Here’s a final close-up of the beautiful Lenten Rose yarn. Yea!

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