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And then inspiration strikes

I am finally excited about a knitting project again. As you may have noticed, I just haven’t been knitting much lately. Well, to coincide with the arrival of my husband tonight (he defended yesterday and he’s officially Dr. Matt!), I found a pattern I must knit. It’s Zephyr Style’s Tree Jacket (I would love to know how it got that name). Much like the Summertime Tunic, I am unsure if it is quite right for me, but I can’t resist. I am even more in love with it after seeing Green Apple’s finished one- gorgeous! I am being such a copy cat too…I picked the same yarn and color. Of course, my figure looks nothing like her’s, but I do have hopes that this will be a great autumn Oregon sweater.

The yarn is Valley Yarns Colrain in the color Chestnut. It is a merino/tencel blend which I have loved in sock yarns so I’m excited to try it in a worsted weight. I ordered the yarn a few moments ago so I hope to have it in a week or maybe sooner. I can’t wait to start!


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