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The other day I received my third package in the Words and Wool Sock Club (the going away present my Illinois knitting group designed for me). Tamara was the mastermind behind this package and it is just wonderful. I know she saw me drooling over this Jojoland Melody at the Midwest Folk & Fiber Fest and, lucky me, she picked out two gorgeous colors! Tamara has also always been very supportive of my Hello Kitty obsession and included some adorable Hello Kitty ziploc bags. I love them. 🙂 Thank you so much, Tamara! This package was a lovely surprise. I wish I could bring it to Group this week and show it off.

The latest yarn from the Zen Yarn Garden Art Walk Club was also delivered recently. This month’s inspiration painting is Van Gogh’s Starry Night. The yarn has all the depth and beauty of the painting I just don’t know what pattern to knit. Any suggestions?


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As a going away present my dear Illinoisan knitting friends developed a sock club just for me and I have just received my August Words & Wool Sock Club Kit from Liz. I am blown away with all the lovely goodies. The whole kit has a honey/ginger theme that is just perfect for this time of year.

First, of course, is the yarn. It is some absolutely gorgeous Fearless Fibers sock yarn in Butterscotch. I adore this color! And the yarn is so soft and lofty. Along with the yarn, Liz included a working copy of the Honeycomb Socks pattern from the latest Interweave Knits which I’ll be sure to use with this beautiful yarn.

Liz also kept in mind my love of ginger cookies and included a box of delicious Anna’s Ginger Thins. I’ve been enjoying them as I knit in the afternoon. 🙂 There is also some honey (always useful) and a cute little Burt’s Bees kit with lotions.

Finally, there was a bee cat toy. Let me tell you, the cats LOVE this toy. Without any prompting from me, Laska found the bee in the first few minutes and proceeded to attack. Then, last night, Nemo brought it to me in the middle of the night. The bee is a big hit!

Thank you, thank you, Liz! This kit was so wonderful and makes me miss you all even more, if that’s possible. Thank you! I leave you with a picture of the ferocious Laska showing that Bee who is boss. 🙂

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Hands down I have the best knitting Group ever. As some of you may know, I am moving at the end of July. My husband and I will be transplanting ourselves (and cats) from Chicagoland, Illinois to Portlandland (Portlandzone, Portlandia), Oregon.

Last night I went to Liz‘s house thinking we were gathering just for a fun dinner/knitting group. Well, it was fun and it was dinner, but turns out it was a surprise going away party for me too. The Group presented me with a binder filled with tracings of their feet. Anyone that does not knit socks may be perplexed by this gift, but I found it amazingly touching. They also picked out their favorite patterns from Favorite Socks and gave me my very own copy of the book.

Then they gave me the most wonderful, awesome, caring, gift of all…a notice that I was the exclusive member in the Words and Wool Sock Club, population 1. Every month for 7 months, someone in the group will send me a kit with yarn and maybe a pattern too. How freakin’ super cool is that?

Jen kicked it off by giving me my July yarn early. She gave me some absolutely stunning Colinette Jitterbug in the most gorgeous color. Love it! I haven’t had a chance to knit with Jitterbug yet and I’m very excited to try. Thank you, Jen!

Tamara also presented me with a few Hello Kitty treats (I’m a Hello Kitty fan, but really, who isn’t? 😉 ). Check out the neat Hello Kitty pez, candy necklaces & bracelets, and lip gloss. I don’t know whether to save them or eat them right away (Well, I won’t eat the lip gloss). Thank you, Tamara!

Amy, Adrienne, Claire, Jen, Liz, Lynae, and Tamara – THANK YOU!!! It is devastating to me that in only a few weeks I won’t be joining you at Starbucks to knit, chat, and laugh. I’ve loved every Group night and I am so thankful I have friends like you.

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